Group meetings are only the beginning of the networking, I often hear people say that they have been to a network meeting and it was no good as they didn’t get any business, well it was unlikely they would! The key to the meetings is meeting people who you want to have a 1-2-1 with, to grow the relationship, but what actually happens in a 1-2-1?

When we attend any type of business meeting there is normally an agenda, and a 1-2-1 meeting is no different. Below (see link “I’m Your P.A. Toolkit”) you will find a simple 1-2-1 toolkit that i use for my P.A. business. By working through the toolkit (it takes about 30 minutes) I can teach my 1-2-1 partner about:

  • the results we deliver to our clients – ask your clients what these are, you may be surprised
  • What makes us different
  • The types of professions we work with
  • Sorts of questions to ask
  • How to introduce me
  • The specific companies I want to speak to
  • Things to listen out for, these are trigger points as to when it is a possible referral for me
  • Things our clients say about us

I can leave the document with my 1-2-1 partner, so they don’t need to take notes, and I also think making a bit of time to prepare for the meeting shows them that I value their time.

If you need any help with setting up a 1-2-1 toolkit get in touch, either by calling 01902 244344 or email

Happy Networking!

IYPA Toolkit