The Teachings Of The Networking Queen

The Teachings Of The Networking Queen is a course of 13 units plus all sorts of other content all around business networking, the content just keeps on going for as long as you stay on board! It is designed to teach better networking, whether that be online or face to face. The goal is to get people to have fun with networking and make their networking profitable. The course is easy to follow and we regularly see the candidates having lightbulb moments!

There is an initial charge of £50 (plus VAT) when you first come on board with The Teachings Of The Networking Queen. You will get a one hour 1-2-1 session with Michele to ensure that you have identified your goals and target market, we will also look at ways to give you 25 different 40 / 60 second pitches. Everything is designed to make your business networking so much easier. Once you have paid the £50 the rest of the content is FREE for as long as you want to stay on board with us.


The course content:


Setting Networking Goals – 

Without a goal it is difficult to get to where we want to go, and business networking is no different, book your 1-2-1 with Michele and let’s get this nailed. …



Who Do You Want To Speak To? – 

Do you know who you want to speak to? I work on the principle if I don’t know who I need to speak to, no-one else will either! We may want to speak to specific companies who we want to do business with, it may be we want referral partners. It is important we are clear who we want as then our network can really start to bring us rewards


Creating Different Elevator Pitches – 

People often struggle with varying their pitch whether that be on line or at a face to face business networking event, however there is an easy way! In this module we will break down your business into five sections and come up with five points for each section. At the end of this session you will have the basis for 25 different pitches


Feel The Pain! – 

We now know our goal, who we want to talk to, we know the basis of 25 different pitches, but remember people buy with emotion. In this unit we will be looking at the stories we communicate to our network. We need to have easy to recall situations that our networking colleagues remember and share with their contacts, this can be fun!


The Live – 

It just got serious! We are going to be practicing those pitches. To start with you will be doing them in pairs and checking out each others, then you will be doing them live. Don’t worry if you are not in a face to face business networking group, you can still do this – I will show you how you can use your pitches!


Props and let’s be memorable – 

Business network meetings can be busy places – how will you stand out? What can you use as a prop? Do you need to think outside the box? Well there is no box! Let’s have fun!!


Getting Referrals – make it easy – 

We need to get business from our networking, whether that be in the form of contacts, referral partners, clients, whatever you set as your goal – so how do we do that? Let me show you! Get people to introduce you the right way


Using Your Network To Make You Look Good – 

In this unit we will cover how to make you someone others want to be associated with in networking, how to help others, why you should help others and how that benefits you


Presentations – 

Often in business networking we have an opportunity to present to the network. This may be about your business or another topic – yet it can always point back to your business. In this unit we will cover how to take out the factors that trip up so many people when they present, and how to get business from your presentation.


1-2-1s That Create Business – 

1-2-1s are crucial for developing relationships, but what do you talk about? How often do you do them? How can they benefit you? By the end of this unit you will want to do far more 1-2-1s


Follow-Ups – 

There is a saying that the money is in the follow up – and I agree. How often should you follow up? How do you follow up? How do you keep track of follow ups? Plus, if you get it wrong – well yes it is all over before you start!


Team Roles – 

There are further opportunities within business networking organisations and becoming a team member is one of them. Team roles can massively boost your visibility. So what role should you take on and when should you turn down a role?…


Putting It All Together And Tracking – 

We know our goals, who we want, what to say, how to say it and how to build relationships and visibility – let’s put this all together!…


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