“If anyone wants to get more out of networking, this is the page to like, and get yourself signed up to her course that starts on August 1st

I have been fully self employed for nearly 18 months
I have gone from working from home to having an office
I am in a comfortable enough position that when my car died on me on Wednesday and isn’t repairable for a cost effective price I can go ahead and get a new car
I am also in a position where I will be able to take on a member of staff by the end of the year (slight delay due to added cost of a new car lol)
And finally, the most important thing I have gotten from networking is the amazing connections and friends that I know I can rely on should I ever need to.

None of this would have been possible without Michele Ibbs taking me under her wing and teaching me so much about networking. I have just signed up to her course in August because I still have so much to learn from The Networking Queen, she is an absolute wealth of knowledge.

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your networking journey…. get in touch with The Networking Queen”