Teachings from the Networking Queen

Whatever we do in life, in order to achieve, we need a goal. The goal is the destination, once we have a goal we can work on the tactics of how to achieve that goal. Networking is no different to anything else, we need a goal for what we want to achieve. There is no right or wrong answer here, the goal is what YOU want.

Examples of what people want from networking:

  • Confidence
  • Education
  • Contacts / connections
  • Visibility
  • New clients

Once we know our goal we can then start to make it more specific and set a time frame. I recommend the time frame we give is twelve months. Goals can be changed or updated as we go, so don’t worry if in a few weeks time you want to update your goal.

For our examples above let us look at ways that we might put our goal together.



  • In twelve months time I will be confident to stand up and talk to people about my business, and to talk to new people.
  • I will be happy to deliver my “elevator pitch” at any meeting I attend.
  • I will have given two presentations to a group of ten or more people.
  • I will speak to at least one new person at every event I attend, and I will have been the person to go to them.



  • I want to learn as much as I can about business (this could be a specific area of business) and networking. I will research local network meetings and events on line during the second week of every month.
  • I will identify 12 meetings for the following month where I feel the speakers will educate me on my chosen topics.
  • I will book on to a minimum of 6 of those meetings.


Contacts / Connections

  • I want to build my connections in the business coaching industry.
  • I will have relationships with 26 new business coaches by the end of the year
  • The business coaches can be substituted for any industry of your choice.


Visibility – (this one I find more difficult to quantify)

  • In twelve months I will have a large group of people who know me on and off line. Each time my industry is mentioned in social media, I will be tagged at least twice.
  • I will have developed my brand and others will instantly recognise it.


New clients

  • I want to gain 25 new paying clients. Or
  • I want to gain £30,000 of new business, this equates to 25 new clients with an average invoice value of £100 per month. Or
  • I want to have built my down line team by 6 members, all of whom will have 3 members. Or
  • I want my product to be in 25 shops within a 25 mile radius of my home.

If you want more help with creating your networking goals for 2019, why not give The Networking Queen a quick call on 01902 244344 or drop an email to michele@ithenetworkingqueen.co.uk