Michele’s Networking Queen coaching has helped me shift my perspective of networking.
Being a confident introvert, I was a reluctant networker, I really didn’t like networking at all. That was confusing for people, as I’m friendly people didn’t understand how I felt. But Michele got it.
The structured approach and clear actions have pushed me out of my comfort zone regarding making contact, but in a way that I know and can feel that I’m progressing with my goal of serving my ideal clients and growing my business.
Michele has been a great support, especially helping me refocus my networking efforts when it became necessary to make a significant change in the direction of one of my businesses.
I’m very happy with the changes I’m making to my networking confidence, which have come as a direct result of both Michele’s help and support, and the additional learning from the interactions and shared experiences of other people in my coaching group who are on the same journey as me.
Just fabulous  … thank you Michele