It doesn’t matter how many times you guide people into not selling to the room – they still do it! DO NOT SELL TO THE ROOM!!

Remember the people in the room will buy from you if they get to know you, get to like you and trust you – nobody likes to be sold at!

I always recommend that the word people be very careful how they use the word “you” in their 40 second presentations. It is preferable to use stories about products and services to show what you achieve for your clients.

Over the years I have heard so many direct sales pitches, a few examples are:

  1. “If you are not backing up your PC, you need to talk to me”
  2. “If your business cards are floppy or have Vistaprint on them, you need to talk to me”
  3. “I am looking to work with all the fat people in the room”

The list is endless!

So how can we turn these round?

  1. I have recently been working with someone who has lost a lot of data by not backing up, I am looking for people who I can help by ensuring they have the correct back up systems in place
  2. These are some fabulous new cards we have just created for ABC Company, the quality speaks for themselves. I am looking for those people you meet who use Vistaprint business cards
  3. I have recently helped Mrs A to lose x number of pounds in weight and she feels amazing. When you hear people talking about wanting to lose weight, please give them my card.

The thing with all of the above, if people feel they fit the criteria, and they know, like and trust you – they will buy anyway!

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